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Area Rug & Carpet Cleaning in Barrie

For residential and commercial carpet cleaning jobs in Barrie both big and small, call FabriCare Cleaning Professionals! We tailor our time-tested, environmentally friendly methods to the specific needs of each carpet, working to restore it to like-new beauty and plushness.

Why FabriCare?

We use a low moisture hot water (210º C) extraction system with a quick drying time of typically 1-2 hours, making it easy to fit carpet cleaning in to your busy schedule.

Not only do we clean your carpet, we also disinfect and deodourize using odour controlling agents—never perfume-style agents. Our specialized rinse agents ensure there’s no residue left in the carpet after cleaning. Some companies only rinse with water—our method keeps your carpet cleaner longer, saving you money!

Carpet manufacturers and retailers recommend us to clients because our methods are safe, effective and long-lasting. Call us today to see for yourself how clean your carpets can be!

Specializing in Pet Odour Removal

We love our pets as much as you, but accidents happen. Untreated, these accidents can build up, and soon you’ll need to replace your carpet and underpad. Before that happens, call your FabriCare professional to avoid costly replacement costs: we can treat and neutralize affected areas.

Area Rugs

Whether your rugs are oriental or fine wool, FabriCare will clean them without causing fibre damage, shrinkage, mildew, colour damage or colour bleeding! We bring our expert cleaning services to your home or business, or we offer free pickup/delivery in Simcoe County for cleaning at our plant. If you allow us to bring the area rug to our facility, we can clean both sides of the rug and then hang it to dry both sides completely, before returning it to your home.

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Deodourizing, disinfecting and Scotchgard™ treatments are all available, as is packaging for storage.

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